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Newborn Must Haves

A couple weeks ago I was shopping for a friend’s baby shower. I’m the type of person that loves to give a practical gift…..I’m not the friend that buys your kiddos a toy (because I know they already have a roomful of them that they don’t play with), I’m much more likely to get them outfits for the upcoming season because I know it’s something that’s actually needed and will get used. So when I shop for baby gifts now that I’m a parent, I think back to my must haves for those first few months:

  1. Portable night light
    This light got used on a daily basis, multiple times of day, for the first 9+ months of our daughters life and still gets used on a regular basis even now that she’s 17 months old. It is chargeable via a USB port and then can be carried anywhere. You turn it on and off with one simple touch and adjust the brightness by holding your hand on the top of the light.
  2. Nose Frida
    I’m sure several other people would recommend this too, it’s a fabulous product. It’s one of those things you don’t need until you need it, and then you’re so thankful to have it on hand!
  3. Love to Dream Swaddle
    We tried several different types of swaddles and I ultimately decided that this brand/style was my favorite. I love that they can still access their hands for comfort and as you size up they have one with zip off sleeves for when they transition to arms-out-swaddle.
  4. Aquaphor
    THE BEST for diaper rash! Heals so quickly…..enough said. Also, don’t fall for buying the “baby” version, it’s literally the exact same ingredients, but more expensive.


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