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    Sausage & Veggies Sheet Pan

    While reviewing feedback from my HBA (Hormone Balance Academy) students I heard loud and clear that they would like more assistance with putting together balanced meals. I love to cook, but I also like to keep things simple—quick meals with no complicated ingredients & that’s what I’ll be sharing with you all here! So what makes up a balanced meal? Ensuring that you have all major macros represented: protein, fat, fiber, & carbs. The Breakdown Protein For this meal I used 2 smoked sausages like this from walmart Fat The potatoes, zucchini, and squash were all tossed in Avocado oil which serves as the health fat here. Fiber Zucchini, Squash,…

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    Skin Care Routine

    I am in the process (& have been for a while) of changing over a lot of my beauty and household products to cleaner, more hormone friendly options. I often get requests/questions about what I use on my skin, so we’re breaking it down today! I have two main sources that I get all my facial/cleansing products from: Perfectly Posh & Beauty Counter These are two companies that I trust and whom use clean ingredients to create healthier products In shower face wash: BFF from Perfectly Posh I have used this product for the past five years and it has never let me down! I originally started using Perfectly Posh…

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    Get to know Aunt Flo

    During the month of October I am giving away free access to my Get to know Aunt Flo class! In this class I cover: -the phases of the menstrual cycle -how to properly track your cycles -review a cycle tracking case study to identify ovulation -additional tips & tricks for tracking -recommendation for apps to make tracking even easier Sign up by entering your e-mail address in the pop up. If you missed the pop up, just refresh your screen 🙂