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    Reviewing Blood Work with a Functional Medicine Lense

    When I work with clients, I typically recommend that they get some functional lab testing done; I always recommend HTMA testing and sometimes DUTCH testing. I feel that these tests give us the necessary data to make a truly customized plan for them to reach their goal of being hormonally balanced. But, what I’ve heard from several members of my community is that the cost of functional lab testing prevents them from working with me inside my program. I’ve also heard a strong desire to be able to utilize insurance to cover part of the costs. This is where the use of blood labs can be so beneficial. A client…

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    So, tell me more about HTMA testing

    Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a simple & easy test you can collect from yourself at home & mail off the lab right from your mailbox! To do the test you clip a small sample of your hair and send the root (scalp end) to the lab. They send me the results & I’m able to examine each of the individual minerals and several heavy metals. There’s 37 data points in total! How is this helpful? Our body deposits minerals into our soft tissues (our hair is a soft tissue) in very specific patterns based on what’s going on within the body. From these patterns we gain insight into your thyroid…

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    Working with a Hormone Coach

    Have you been wondering what it looks like to work with a hormone coach to fix your hormone imbalances? I can’t speak for all the hormone coaches out there, but I can certainly pull back the curtain on what it looks like to work with me! Each of my clients go through a three-step process: On-Going SupportMy clients & I work together for a minimum of 12-weeks, this time together includes weekly check-ins via email where I can provide support, answer questions, & hold them accountable on a certain habit or goal they are focused on for that week. Example: I recently had a client that really needed to focus…

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    One thing I Wish I had Known Before Stopping Birth Control

    This could alternatively be titled “One thing I Wish I Knew Before Starting Birth Control” but I try to give myself grace. I was only 17 years old when I started birth control & it was my provider’s responsibility to ensure I was making an informed choice……..something I feel like modern medicine is STILL failing women at. But we’ll save that conversation for a different day. What I wish I had known: birth control depletes minerals & vitamins. Including: folate, B vitamins, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E & more! Why would this be helpful to know prior to going off birth control? Having depleted vitamin & minerals is…

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    10 Signs of a Hormone Imbalance

    If you have 3 or more of those symptoms, it’s time to give your hormones some attention! I’ve created a 5-day Hormone Reboot challenge to get you started! You can start fixing your hormone imbalances anytime by clicking the button below & joining for free!

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    Finding Healing: A Journey to Empowering Women through Functional Medicine

    In 2018 I decided I was fed up with feeling like crap all the time. I was only 26 years old, but I was experiencing all sorts of unwanted symptoms. I’m talking frequent debilitating migraines, mood swings, depression, anxiety, diarrhea that had me fearful of eating out with friends or going to events, I was spotting between my periods, along with random other things. I had spent some time scouring the internet trying to figure out why a generally healthy 26-year-old, would somewhat suddenly be starting to experience all these symptoms. To make a long story short, the link I found between all these symptoms were that birth control could…

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    Why it’s important to address burnout before hormonal imbalances.

    88.89% of my clients over the last year had burnout show up on their HTMA testing  If you’ve been part of this community for a while you may have noticed over the last 4-5 months, I’ve shifted to talking a lot more about burnout specifically, and less about hormonal imbalances in general. Why? Two reasons:  #1 Because I was noticing a trend in my clients……nearly every one of them had burnout. 88.89% of them to be exact.  #2 When I polled this entire community, the #1 thing you said you’re struggling with is feeling like you don’t have enough energy.  Why does this matter?  Low energy, inconsistent energy, or consistently…

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    Setting up your Week

    One of the things I see my clients and community members struggle with the most is feeling like they’ve failed. They start the week feeling very motivated, they tell themselves (or maybe others) that they’re going to eat healthy all week and workout every day. Then Wednesday hits and that motivation is starting to crumble, so they skip their workout for the day. Thursday comes and their kid gets sick, changing all their plans for that day. By Friday they’ve abandoned ship, are eating chips straight from the bag over the kitchen sink because they’re starving, and eat a whole sleeve of oreo cookies (with milk, cause duh) after dinner…

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    I Hate Meal Prepping.

    I know some people LOVE to meal prep and are very passionate about it, but it’s just not my jam. I don’t know what I’m going to feel like eating on Thursday for lunch on Sunday afternoon. AND the thought of having to eat the same thing every day for lunch all week long makes me want to barf. However, I do agree that being prepared for the week is key for success, so I “meal prep” in my own way. Since my biggest gripe with traditional meal prepping is the lack of options & variety, I prep/keep on things that I can easily mix and match: -hard boil eggs…

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    What are your two nonnegotiables today?

    If you follow me on IG or TikTok chances are you’ve heard me talk about 2NN or seen me post about it. You might’ve even seen “2NN” on my stories and thought what the hell is she talking about? 2NN is a practice I started doing off and on around 3 years ago, but have really focused on this year. The backstory: I once did Lyndsey Chambers’ Three for Me Challenge. The idea of the challenge is that you’re going to do 3 things for yourself each day that bring you joy. The rules are that these 3 things can be things you do ONLY for yourself, not someone else…